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Job Experience


Web Architect


Stanford University

National Center for


·   Helped
Architect a service oriented system for distributing large numbers of medical
and biological Ontologies to the research community.

Ø    Designed
SPRING architecture underneath RESTful services.

Ø    Designed
and developed research tools to help researchers manage and use Ontologies

Ø    Architected
and developed distributed system to allow for horizontal scalability of

·   Developed
Ruby On Rails front-end application to consume the services provided by the
Ontology services.

Ø    Used
Ruby on Rails for rapid prototyping and feature development to provide
instant feedback to researchers.

Lead Software Engineer


Comframe Software


·   Lead a team
of engineers in the development of a Struts Web Application for a large
online company.

Ø    Application
is used to manage a large database of dealerships in the US and is used for
Auto Auctions to determine if an individual is a registered licensed dealer.

Ø    Trained
client ASP engineers in the proper Java implantation of the Struts Framework.

Ø    Architected
the structure and design of the Web Application.

·   Maintained
and developed features for a J2EE Healthcare Human Resources product using
Struts, Hibernate, and AJAX.

Ø    Application
is used to manage evaluations and competencies for hospital staff and is used
to manage their need for learning or discipline based upon their evaluations.

Ø    Designed
relational database table and implemented struts framework based on
individual client specifications.

Ø    Developed
an integration system for large hospital personnel databases to integrate and
process data changes for our product.

Ø    Re-architected
features for archiving data to improve performance and maintenance efforts.

Ø    Used
custom AJAX implementation to architect a component based refactoring of the

·   Architected
and developed a J2EE Struts application using a custom built framework
developed by Comframe for TIAA-CREF using Web Logic and a custom rules

Ø    Application
was a proof of concept for a large custom built framework to provide large
mainframe financial functions to TIAA-CREF to allow them to get away from
legacy C++ applications.

Ø    Created
services to connect a new framework in development to a legacy C++ web

Ø    Used
SPRING to setup the custom framework to work with our separate application.

·   Architected
and developed a J2EE Struts application for Honda HMA for use in their
production facility running Web Sphere.

Ø    Application
is used for managing a large system of individual contractors, contracting
companies, and full time employees along with their security badge system.

Ø    Architected
database structure to provide simplicity and the ability to add future
separate application features.

Ø    Designed
and constructed UI for implementation within custom Web Sphere portal.


Architected the database and User Interface of a large .NET
conversion of our HealthCare Human Resource product for HealthStream.

Ø    Application
is a full recreation and re-architecture of our Health Care product for a
specific client.

Ø    Refactored
our product’s framework and database for use in .NET.

Ø    Used
experience with legacy software to fix pitfalls of previous versions.

Ø    Helped
with elaboration phase and estimates.

Ø    Helped
with screen mockups and technology decisions for front end components.

Network Administrator/IT


Auburn University CADC

·   Maintained
network and computer systems.

·   Repair and
installation of tools and computer systems.