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Projects is a place to paste your code snippets and get help. You can create a work room then paste your code and share the link with your friends. Then you can collaborate on whatever you are working on. Once you have a pretty powerful snippet of code, share it with the community to help others who have the same problem. You can also browse through other people’s shared snippets to see if anyone else has already solved the problem you are running into. offers a very unique service. It provides consumers with exclusive money-back offers. When you purchase products or services from any of their sponsors, you will receive the listed rebate amount automatically. Depending on the product, you may receive either a specified cash amount or a percentage of the purchase. is a mobile product lookup service. Find any product in the store, put in its UPC code or model number and instantly have a listing of all the prices and reviews for the product. Easily find the best product you are looking for all from your mobile device.